Show Up For Your Life

Show Up For Your Life

Annie lived in a refugee camp for more than 20 years in Burma before receiving asylum here in the United States. Through community, she met Veena Prasad of Project Feast and now works as a chef preparing catered meals. She prepared a meal and shared her story, thanks to Veena Prasad’s vision of Project Feast. As Veena spoke, the following struck a chord deep within my soul:

“It takes a lot of courage just to show up.”

And as I tried to imagine how Annie spent 20 years in a refugee camp, I applauded her for sharing her story. Could she have imagined that 20 years ago she would be at the University of Washington preparing a meal for 75 communication leadership professionals? And of course I tweeted:

Takes a lot of strength just to show up. @projectfeast Veena Prasad #commlead #quotes

And as it happens through our powerful connections I was turned onto Whitney Johnson:

Jessica Esch@jesch30 Jan 25

@AnnieCrawley Scratch a bit with @johnsonwhitney #BIF9 talk: … #HSBARS

I just finished listening to her powerful talk on the importance of showing up. She quotes T.S. Eliot

Do I dare disturb the universe?

Each of us are on a mission of greatness. I truly believe this.

Motivational genius Les Brown is one of my mentors and I have listened to his talks over and over again on “Showing Up For Your Life.” Yet I realize that showing up for our lives takes commitment. Just as we are being asked to explore and cultivate both the artist and leader within, we also must cultivate how we show up.

We can be awake and walk through the doings of life, yet can we commit to showing up in all of our magnificent greatness?

And I reflect on what I ask others to do. What my company stands for. Am I willing to dive into my own imagination, dream, and show up? Most people do not fail in life, most people’s dreams are too small and they succeed.

It really does not matter what has happened in any 20 year section of our lives as Burmese Chef Annie can attest to that, what matters is how we learn, grow, and share ourselves with our community and our world each and every day as we show up for our lives.


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