Creating Moments of Connection

In order to be a leader, you must have a team to lead. In order to create a team, the first steps are connecting your team and committing to the larger picture.

Whether I am the facilitator, a student attending a conference, running a company or leading a team, I’m always focused on finding engagement strategies. When I read the following passage in Redesigning Leadership by John Maeda with Becky Bermont,

“She opened the meeting by throwing it [an orange] to a participant while asking the question, “Tell us all why you are here in one sentence.”…The orange went back and forth around the room…They were all connecting with each other.”

I highlighted it and made a note to self to always carry an orange to toss. This is a great icebreaker and one I will use in the future, yet the more important question it raised for me was why are you here?

I am working through the Communication Leadership program to learn the tools necessary to take a vision of the future, leverage storytelling, multi-media, and technology to engage and build a community to create connections and change.

Inspiration lifted off every page Maeda scribed, not only from a leadership perspective, but as an artist as well. I found myself unleashing my imagination, visualizing creations of art to connect in a different way to the communities I serve. Maeda has taken chances throughout his life and shared them with honesty, humility, and lessons leading up to his Presidency at the Rhode Island Institute of Design, RISD, to his new endeavor in with design and venture capitalism. He embodies a phrase embedded upon my soul:

“It is important to have an end to journey toward, but remember it is the journey that matters in the end.” –Ursula Leguin

When I consider what we are exploring during the next ten weeks, I cannot help but consider how to make sure that I continue to look for stories of engagement, inspiration, and leadership everyday. I like what the power of imagination unleashes and to know when to walk away and create a new moment of connection in a new venture.


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