Return on Engagement

During the past ten weeks, there is not one item of content that moved me, yet a series of connections highlighting the importance of mobile marketing, storytelling, accountability through data, and the need for return on engagement. In real time, I find myself turning towards my mobile phone and iPad for communication, rather than my computers and have become a two to three screen viewer. As was announced by Coca-Cola earlier this month the corporate website is dead, I find myself redefining the message I want to share through my websites and the importance of developing the strategy while crafting stories people want to hear. Less than 2 years ago people were building content with 1500 words because of what our search engines needed, now it’s proven people shy away from sites that have more than 600 words per page. For years I have heard the importance of ROI, yet during the past ten weeks I believe ROE or return on engagement has forced its way to the forefront. Creating a return on engagement can be just as important, if not more for a brand.