Big Data = Visual Connection

“Technology could change lives and we could change the world by harnessing it,” said bohemian turned data humanist guru Adriana Gil Miner. Sharing her story and Artefact’s beliefsI understood the power of pairing an incredible talent together with a company’s culture. As our day progressed and we were introduced to the intricacies, complications, and sheer challenges of dealing with the abundance of data, I knew this was only the beginning of my love affair with data.

For the past two days I have been submerged in the Seattle Interactive Conference seeking out speakers sharing how they harness data and share it visually. Our brains process visual information 90% faster than text. If you are remembering something, chances are you are taking in visual association. We use 20% less cognitive energy reading visuals than text. I have been awakened to the importance of taking big data and telling the facts through visual graphics, video, and image associations.


Transmedia Stories Create Viewer Evolution

People want to consume media on their own time, in their own way, and interact with their own choices. During the 8 hours of only our second class of our Communication Leadership program at UW, we witnessed the evolution of the most exciting creation of today’s successful transmedia storytelling curated by Brent Freidman.

It’s mind-blowing to compare the history of getting the color television set to market back in the 1950’s to what YouTube was able to accomplish in less than 6 years including revenue sharing with more than 1 million content creators. More than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and there are a billion unique viewers every month. Mobile markets are one large growing market we can invest into with the right strategy of engagement.

As I listened, I could not help but think of my own YouTube channels and the stories I yearn to tell. There is so much more to consider when crafting the experience for viewers because of their evolution. The idea that the viewer controls everything causes a paradigm shift. As our viewer evolves so must our engagement strategies. It is no longer create a story and deliver it. You must build in the strategy of engagement.

Create your story.
Build a universe worthy of devotion.
Remove the friction.
Enhance engagement.
Extend engagement.
Generate engagement and convert to network.
Commerce will come.

Engagement and teamwork are my themes for this period of my life because after the story is over, the relationship begins.

You cannot conceive a story without the strategy of engagement.

If I can capture your attention with my images, video, writings, tweeting, YouTube videos, Facebooking, blogging, stories and more through websites, tablets, mobile phones and devices not yet brought to market…if your attention is piqued, what am I going to do with it?

Jobs of our future are based on collaboration. John Chambers Keynote to MIT

After the story is over, the relationship begins. In the past I remember feeling overwhelmed and today I find myself 100% inspired.

Community. Network. Commerce.

The web of life.