Transmedia Motivator

Transmedia Motivator & Network Engineer

Annie Crawley Cinematographer Sealion Channel IslandsMany people live within boundaries. I believe in the school of unbound thinking in which we are not bound by what is, but imagining what could be. Imagination drives innovation. The ocean taught me the unbelievable is real. Whatever dream we can conceive, we can make possible through hard work, education, and the connections we make.

Fourteen years ago these words transformed my life: Can you do more than what you are doing today? People with vision prosper. Embrace yourself and believe. Les Brown

I went back to my office, took a calculated risk and resigned from my job to pursue my dream career of becoming an underwater photographer and filmmaker. After selling my car, I purchased my underwater camera housings to embark on a journey of discovery. I documented great whites, hammerheads, humpback whales and grizzly bears. I studied cuttlefish, frogfish, manta rays and other weird and wacky creatures from the deep-sea. The more I traveled and documented, the more I realized the need to connect these experiences and my life’s journey with others.

Creating engaging content to unleash over transmedia platforms with a dynamic strategy to touch, move and inspire others into action excites me. I plan on fully investing into the art of discovering, developing and delivering compelling multi-media stories while strategically building a profitable network and community.

In Storyteller Uprising we learn a structured narrative draws people’s attention while a strategy of engagement convinces them to transact with us. Narrative and engagement equals intelligence, according to author Hanson R. Hosein.

As companies begin to merge their media and public relation departments into one, every organization needs to employ a professional storyteller to reach across existing and emerging markets.

As a transmedia motivator and network engineer I plan on harnessing innovation, entrepreneurship and community. What’s your story? Who is your audience? are the fundamental questions an organization needs to answer, yet according to Matt Bailey you must always focus on what makes your company money and measure your marketing against your primary goal. Creating and generating profits is the key to growing a business with a solid strategy.

As people talk they produce and reproduce culture. Through the process of communication reality is produced, maintained, repaired and transformed. Persons in conversation co-construct their own social worlds. I resonate with the Socio Cultural Tradition as described in The Communication Theory by Griffin, yet I do not buy into only one school of thought. I believe in the need to craft Rhetoric, the art of using all available means of persuasion, focusing on lines of argument, organization of ideas, language use and delivery in public speaking and the phenomenological traditions intentional analysis of everyday experience from the standpoint of the person living it; explores the possibility of understanding the experience of others.

I’m stepping into action by becoming an effective transmedia motivator and network engineer to understand how to use rhetoric to influence the experiences of others while developing and organizing ideas to create multi-media strategically placed deliverables. I believe we are formed through our sociocultural tradition. What we think affects what we say and do, yet because of education, social media, transmedia and the process of global communication outside of our own cultures we have the ability to transform others and inspire conscious leaders in our society. As I dive into the Communication Leadership program with my fellow 2013 Cohorts in the MCDM and MCCN programs, I’m looking forward to exchanging, exploring and purposefully playing together to achieve our goals and terms of engagement.

Underwater PHotography Made Easy enhanced eBook for the iPad by Annie CrawleyStaying on top of technology and publishing, my latest projects are available on the ibookstore® for the iPad®. Please comment and share with me articles, blogs, books, people, films and stories that excite you. Follow my company on twitter through @DiveImagination or my personal thoughts @AnnieCrawley

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